Direct from our recent photoshoot in Providence, RI… WHY® Design introduces its first in a  line of Role-Play Learn to Swim Dress-up.  We start with our Mermaid learn-to-swim items. Kids not only like dress-up and playing in the pool but now they get excited from the time they get dressed to the time they jump in and splash around. For mom and dad its a great combination that gets kids excited to learn.

“This has been a long time in development from sketches to actually finding a company to help bring it to market properly. We are excited to finally make this a reality. Knowing for years when you bring imaginative play and pairing it with learning, it not only makes sense but also making the learning process easier for the parent/adult, A win win situation for everyone.  Role-Play pool play makes the experience exciting and fun for the child. For us at WHY® Design its pretty common sense, says Brian Quaglia head of creative for the company.”

By Adding another dimension making the Learn to Swim range of items innovative and creating 3D features, not only brings the characterization of the dress up to life but your child’s imagination becomes reality making it a great and an exciting way to start learning to swim.