WHY not WHY® Design, “JumpStart your creative”. 2017 Nürnberg toy show has been a success. With Product of the year Award. Great Product, Great branding… Success to the whole Atomic Marketing team from concept and ideation to Branding, package design and manufacturing and lets not forget the sales and marketing team that pushes hard at retail!

Brian Quaglia Creative Director of WHY™ says, “Great design starts when you are aware of a gap in the market and you fill the need”.

WHY Design has always had a success in branding and package design because unlike many designers that are general graphic artists, WHY is immersed in the package design market and 60% of the time in Toys. We understand not only the customers needs, we understand the consumers needs. We dont design what we want but we design what the end user looks for. This is a key difference to our business model. To many times we get requests from new customers that have had a graphic designer that doesn’t understand packaging design a package or line look for them that just is not on mark and needs to be fixed.

We often hear that the design is not that good or that the buyer has issues with aspects of the package such as “Message” or “Pop on the shelf”. For 27+ years we have worked with some of the largest to some of the most aggressive retailers and customers that demand fast, creative, performance and result oriented packaging and design.

I think time time tells all. With over 27+ years, designing for retailers and for customers over 25+ countries, we are still here winning awards and helping customers win awards.

Of course we cannot take all the credit, so Congratulations again to team Atomic Marketing for a job well done.